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  • ASPHALT PAVING - Quality paving for your commercial parking lots, driveways, bicycle lanes, pathways, golf courses & more. G.A. Jorgensen Company also installs porous asphalt.

  • ASPHALT PATCHING - Repair pot holes, areas with root damage, utility trenches and more.

  • CRACK FILLING - Clean and fill cracks with a high temperature rubberized crack sealer. Crack filling is advised to prevent further damage.

  • SEAL COATING - An asphalt emulsion sealer that we apply to the surface to help protect the pavement from exposure to the elements. This creates a smooth dark finish to existing asphalt. We recommend repeating this procedure every few years. Seal coat is designed for driveways, parking lots, private roads and similar low traffic areas.

  • OVERLAYS - We add a layer of hot mix asphalt over an existing asphalt surface. This is often an option for older surfaces in good condition and not in need of structural repair.

  • FABRIC OVERLAYS - Commonly referred to as Petromat. A layer of geotextile fabric is placed between existing asphalt and the new layer of hot mix asphalt. This provides a moisture barrier and support to the new layer. Generally used on surfaces with limited cracking, good drainage but rough or aged surfaces.

  • PAVEMENT MARKINGS - Parking stall lines, directional arrows and fire lane markings. Redesigning your lot? We can black out original lines and stripe to meet new design. We also perform ADA Compliant work- everything from ramps to sidewalks, signs and striping. Commonly used colors available and stencils (custom or common).

  • EXTRUDED CURBING - Many mold sizes available to meet your requirements and design plans.

  • PRE-CAST CONCRETE CURB - Our curb is manufactured in house. Large quantity available. Common styles-Dual Faced Sloped Mountable, Sloped Mountable Curb, "C" Curb & "A" Curb.

  • WHEEL STOPS - We manufacture a variety of wheel stops in house. Call for sizes and pricing for your project.

  • PRESSURE WASH - High power pressure washing can clean up just about anything-Available upon request.

  • WINTER SERVICES - SNOW REMOVAL, SANDING, and DE-ICING. We are available for service as winter weather persists.